Samstag, 1. August 2020

Tales from Bruckstadt: Nightflight

The night air bites your face, far underneath your flying body the black waters of river Morra, in the distance the snowy peaks of a mountain range, gray before the night sky. Then you pass ruin Dunmore with it's strange flickering lights and the ample landscape of a misty bog. You turn, the night wind blows you to the East again, across a lonely barrow, and finally you plunge deep into the catacombs under old Bruckstadt, cross a columned hall where a bonfire glows, slip through damp hallways and down a well: Dead water. Endless halls with scuffling shadows and abandoned graves. And then there is HE. In this stone-cold chamber deep under the earth. Aware fore five centuries, contemplating unknown atrocities. Bound to his sarcophagus. Until lately.
You awake in your coffin, a shovel of earth drops on the lid, again and again until the sound fades. Your scream dissolves in a terrible echo.

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